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The  Lankota Hydro-Boom makes your Hydro-Vac more efficient – more versatile – with greater maneuverability. 

Increasing industry demand for “daylighting” requires equipment that is conducive to this nondestructive process.  Hydrovacs and daylighting have gained acceptance in helping to minimize the challenges associated with exposing underground pipe lines, utilities, and other buried infrastructure.  The Lankota Hydro-Boom facilitates the process of delivering the resulting slurry into the debris tank. 

The Lankota Hydro-Boom provides a cost-effective application and enhanced safety to any challenging dig site.  There is a substantial productivity gain by utilizing the Lankota Hydro-Boom with the wireless hand held radio control.  The hydraulic brake, standard on all large applications, minimizes costly incidents involving worker safety.

Lankota delivers efficient, safe, and cost-effective Hydro-Booms for a variety of Hydro-Vac models.


HYDRO-Boom makes your Hydro-Vac more Versatile!
• Hydraulic Lift
• Hydraulic Extension up to 48"
• Hydraulic Brake
• Hydraulic Reel Operation Available
• Wireless Hand Held Radio Control
• 3" to 6" Hose Sizes

Custom Built to Adapt to Unique Applications
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